I might have to unfriend some of you…

Last night I was perusing Facebook and came into the room and said to Brian, “I may have to unfriend a few… friends.  I just can’t read about their exciting adventures, trips, evangelistic campaigns and amazing days anymore!”

I read about all of you and your lives.  Just like most of us do, spying on one another with permission.  We give each other permission to peek in the back door, hear the funny things our kids say, the kitchen accidents we’ve had and the ways we have endured this winter.

We also use it to inform or sometimes, in a healthy way, boast about our amazing lives.  Trips.  Conferences.  Speaking engagements.  Accomplishments at work.  New pregnancies.  New homes.  New cars.  Success.  Success.  Success.

Then I think about my own victories as a stay at home house manager.  Yesterday I successfully cleaned the bathroom.  Twice.  (note: I hate messy, muddy, dirty spring days.)

Today I successfully hosted a play date without one child beating another one.  At least we didn’t catch them if they did.

How do I look?

How do I look?

And Elam successfully sat still for his first real haircut.  His choice.  (Normally he screams like we are torturing him and I have to text the neighbors that it’s just hair cut day at the Askers.)

Tonight I successfully got two children into bed before overnight guests arrive.


So like I said, I might have to unfriend you all…


Maybe I could just rejoice in those small victories.  It might not be worth a FB status or a Tweet.

But it is worth writing about.  So I did.

Wait: one more small victory.  Yay me.


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